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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill (12" single)

This one is a single I picked up from a music shop in town for (as you will see) £2. It's the 12" edition of the single for Harrowdown Hill from Thom Yorke's wonderful solo album The Eraser. As an album it's most like Kid A (the Radiohead album. If you don't know Thom Yorke is from Radiohead then I'm startled), which is ace because I utterly adore Kid A. The Eraser is beepy and weird and brilliant. This isn't my favourite song on the album (which would be the amazing Atoms For Peace), it's probably not even in my top 3. However, it was cheap and...

...the artwork is AWESOME! It's similar to the album art (which I plan on doing a post about soon) but with colour instead of just being black and white. It gives it a very different feel to the album, but one which I think comes over very well.

The vinyl itself is a plain black affair, which I think is a little disappointing. A purple vinyl or maybe even a marble-effect of the colours on the cover would be absolutely awesome. What's more disappointing is that there's just two songs on the 12". I'd like to have seen a couple more, but I think that might be asking a bit too much. The A-side is an extended version of Harrowdown Hill, and the B-side is something called The Drunkk Machine, which is an infuriating spelling. I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet (no record player at uni), but I'll definitely give it a spin when I get home.

In terms of pressing info, a bit of googling tells me this 12" version was limited to 3000, apparently. There also appears to be a 7" single for the same song with a different B-side, limited to 5000, but I'm not particularly bothered about getting it unless I just so happen to find it really cheap like I did this one!

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