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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sky Larkin - Motto

Sometimes it can feel like an eternity passes between a band's albums, even if it's not that long. Case in point, Sky Larkin's last album Kaleide was released in 2010 (when it became the 6th post ever on this blog, complete with awful photographs and fairly rubbish writing) and it's taken until last month for a new one to surface. That's a rather long time when you're slowly falling in love with a band.

More lovely artwork from a band who pretty much excel at it. I'm a big fan of the red band along the top, just keeping the words away from the picture.

As with Kaleide, it's a gatefold with what I assume are the panels of the CD booklet printed on the inside, with lyrics and everything. I appreciate this, it's a pretty good use of the space really.

Oh man, clear vinyl is so nice. I was already planning on buying this on vinyl then I heard it was clear and basically threw my debit card at Wichita's website. Lovely. Nice red dust sleeve to match the hints of red elsewhere too. You know I'm always happy with a free CD, that it matches the record labels is just an extra dose of nice.

Sky Larkin as a band, I think, are at their best when writing songs for you to stomp your feet to. In that regard, this album is an absolute success. The title track, Loom and, in particular, Newsworthy are perfect examples of this. Since Kaleide, the band have upped their number to four (despite losing Douglas Adams in the process) and sound that little bit bigger as a result. Everything that I loved about Kaleide and The Golden Spike is still here, quite frankly it's just a pleasure to have them back. I'm not huge on Overgrown, but every other track is A-OK with me. Give it a couple of months, I'll doubtless be completely obsessed with this.