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Monday, 18 June 2012

Tubelord - Romance

Right. So it's been a busy few months with exams and stuff, so I've managed to get behind on this yet again. My bad. On the plus side, I've acquired a new camera in this time and as such the photos here should improve in quality noticeably. Boss.

Tubelord are, as I've said before, one of my favourite bands. This is their second album, and was released in  October of last year as I believe the first collaborative effort by the wonderful Pink Mist music collective. It was bought for me as a gift by Rob in March, for which I was hugely grateful.

Lovely artwork. I can get behind anything that is a) geometric and b) plays with perspective. You'll also notice I have two copies of this record. You'll find out why later on.

The inner sleeve (which is nicely weighty) is the same for both copies, so this picture shows you both sides of the sleeve. It's got some writing on it in a fairly unreadable font, and in silver on a silvery picture. Perhaps not the wisest of choices. All it is, though, is the tracklisting on one side and the obligatory thanks section on the other. It's functional, and looks kinda cool so that's all good with me.

And this is why we have two copies. TWO DIFFERENT COLOURS. Plain white (matching the vinyl version of Our First American Friends) and a gorgeous "blue and white haze" (as it's described on the website) which is limited to 100. Both are, as I'm sure you'll agree, beautiful and the packaging as a whole works pretty nicely, so well in Pink Mist.

In terms of sound, this album is fairly different to OFAF. While that album was chock full of angular guitars, this one is much more electronic. This might have put some people off, but I still really enjoy it. There's something about it that is unmistakably "Tubelord" and when the songs are as good as My First Castle, I don't really see how you can complain. On balance I think I prefer OFAF but I still foresee this being a pretty prominent album for me over the summer months. You can find it on Bandcamp or Spotify as usual.