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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tubelord - I Am Azerrad

The second item from that BSM sale order is a single from my beloved Tubelord. This was actually released a good while before I got into the band, so it was pretty awesome to pick up a copy without breaking the bank.

Every one of the 500 copies of this single was spray-painted by hand, and apparently there are some larger pictures formed when you put some of them together (EDIT: found them. I am the bottom-left corner of the D in this. Amazing. There's also an Azerrad one here). I just have the one, but it looks pretty nice by itself. The sleeve is also a very thick card, which is always good.

The back of the sleeve is pretty plain, but there's some good stuff inside. Plain black vinyl this time, but also a CD with both tracks plus a demo of Synthesize (a great song, as I've mentioned before). As any regular readers will know from my past bleatings on this topic, I love when there's a free download or CD included with a release and it's excellent that Tubelord did this. Moreover there's yet another track (a demo version of Stacey's Left Arm) on the digital version of the single, which is available for the cheap price of absolutely free. Fancy. As for the songs on the record itself? The A-side is I Am Azerrad, a fairly typical slice of shouty Tubelord joy. The B-side is Dun Dun Dun Scissors, Rocks and Tonne which begins in a similar style but grows and develops into something quite different, with probably one of my favourite "quiet" bits in a Tubelord song. Both tracks are pretty wonderful, which makes for quite a nice single really.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Tellison - Collarbone

Tellison are swiftly becoming one of my favourite bands. A couple of months back, Big Scary Monsters had a big sale and this was one of the items that was beautifully cheap. I couldn't resist, so I picked this up (alongside a couple of other singles I'll try and put up in the next few days) for only a couple of pounds.

I really like the cover. The combination of the almost digital-looking heart with the very organic butterfly makes for a nice contrast. Not a clue what it's about, mind.

Plain black vinyl, but I absolutely love the labels on it. Lovely font and colouring for the A and B sides. There are just two songs on the 7" itself, but there's also a download link for both of these songs alongside two remixes. Unfortunately, the link was no longer functional by the time I bought the single. No biggie, I don't really care for remixes. Having found Mountain Mode to listen to, it's not a bad song at all. This release, however, is all about the A-side. Collarbone is just a tremendous song. It's summery and euphoric and, frankly, should've been huge. Pity for them, but still plenty enjoyable for me.