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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Pulled Apart By Horses self-titled

I'm back in Stoke-on-Trent now, meaning I have access to all of my vinyl so expect a wealth of posts in the coming few weeks.

Here's the first. It's Pulled Apart By Horses' self-titled debut album. My good friend Elliot said I should try and talk about the music a bit more, so let's give that a go. If you've never heard PABH, you're missing out. They're pretty much a straight-up ROCK act from the dull confines of Leeds who put on a fantastic live show, and have some fairly catchy songs. It's a fairly good album, but the last few songs are largely forgettable and it's not massively better than their previous work. That said, the first few tracks are absolutely golden and the re-recording of High Five Swan Dive Nose Dive made an already awesome song even better. Plus, it's an album with a song on it called Yeah Buddy. Always a winner. I strongly recommend you listen to it if you are a fan of music that makes your face happy. Now on with the vinyl. I got this on the day it came out, without really intending to. I'd gone into the music shop on campus for my obligatory "new albums Monday browse" (living 20 seconds from a music shop is way too dangerous). As I flicked lazily through the vinyl section I spotted this fella for a tenner, the same price as the CD was and cheaper than the vinyl was on the PABH website. It turned out the guy who worked there had mispriced it, but he had to charge me the stickered price of £10 even though it was meant to be £15. Stoked. Let's see some pictures.

So this is the album cover. I can't really say I'm a huge fan. I think the band name font is meant to be a parody of death metal bands having unreadable logos, which is mildly amusing. I don't "get" the artwork though. So it's a man in a skull mask holding up a skull on a hill? Whatever keeps you happy, guys.

What I do really like about this album is it came with a full 12" square booklet of mad pictures and lyrics and whatnot. It looks really good, and it's nice to leaf through. If I was the kind of person who was okay with cutting things up, there's a few that would look really good in frames. But the mere idea of cutting it apart makes me feel sad inside so I'll leave mine as it is.

The vinyl is another plain black affair, no big surprise there. Labels are fairly plain but nicely coloured, dust sleeve is a white paper one, the back cover looks kind of cool. There's not really an awful lot I can say here, I'm afraid. Sorry.

All in all, this is a decent album with weird artwork and quite a cool booklet. You should definitely listen to it if you haven't already, and if you live in Leamington I saw a copy of this on vinyl for £8 in Head. Go get.

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