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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Thom Yorke - The Eraser Rmxs

So having said not long ago that there wouldn't be much new vinyl coming up on here, I managed to end up buying 3 bits of vinyl in the space of about a week. Whoopsy. While I have maths to do and zero motivation, I've decided to delay work some more by doing a post about the first of the three. That fine with you? Yeah. Awesome.

So it's some Thom Yorke vinyl again. I've explained before how much I love Thom Yorke (clicky), so I don't feel the need to do that again. This piece of vinyl, however, is a collection of remixes and I've also expressed my (rather negative) feelings toward remixes before. So, why did I choose to buy a release of solely remixes, I hear you ask. Well, the reasons are twofold.

This is the first. The cover is great. More of the same style of artwork from the Harrowdown Hill single and the album, but printed with a shiny gold foil cover. It's also a 12" record, so the art is lovely and big. Notice the man in the bottom left is from the cover of Harrowdown Hill. Continuity is great.

Again, some more black vinyl, and this time my second reason for buying it. The first track on the vinyl is a Four Tet remix of Atoms For Peace. Now I love Atoms for Peace and quite like Four Tet, and this combination turns out to sound pretty good. It's different enough from the original to be worth listening to, without taking too much away from the song. The other two songs (only 3 songs on a 12" feels a bit like a waste to me, but that's just me being a bit fussy) are both remixes of Black Swan by some man called Christian Vogel. I have no idea who he is, but they're okay. Nothing outstanding but decent enough. Now, the pressing info I found for this said it's limited to 2000, which is probably fairly limited for someone of Thom Yorke's stature. There's also another 2 "The Eraser Rmxs" (awful spelling) vinyls with similar artwork, so I might try and pick them up if I find them cheap.