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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Reuben - Keep It To Yourself

Right, I want you to stop reading this right now and go listen to Reuben. I don't care if your nan's come to visit or you're watching Coronation Street, or whatever's going on. This is important. Here's a youtube link for you in case you're mad and don't have Spotify. I'll take a break from writing while you just listen to that.

Okay? Now, wasn't that fantastic. Reuben were (sob) a phenomenal British post-hardcore (ish) 3-piece, who made 3 great albums before calling it a day (technically, an "indefinite hiatus" so there's still hope). They're one of 2 now defunct bands (the other being Million Dead) who I would pay any amount of money and travel any distance to see. I know there's a lot of superlatives being thrown around here, but they truly deserve them. There's something about their debut album that makes you feel excited about music, like the first time everything clicked with your favourite band. I don't know, maybe it's just me. This vinyl is Keep It To Yourself from the band's second album, Very Fast Very Dangerous. It's a great song, full of Jamie (lead singer) Lenman's fairly typical lyrical rage. Let's take a look at it.

I like this cover. It's pretty simple, and it maintains the theme of vehicles on the album and singles' artwork (the album, for example, has a truck on its cover). Just as another note, I love the font they chose for the band name. It just looks badass.

So this is the vinyl itself. It's plain black, again. The B-side is Approaching By Stealth, which is a decent song. It reminds me a bit of Three Hail Marys from the band's third album, but it isn't quite as good. Still, it works nicely as a companion to Keep It To Yourself.  There was also a yellow vinyl version of the single with a different B-side (and I believe different artwork), but there weren't many pressed so it's a bit too hard for me to get hold of. No idea of the pressing info for this one, I'm afraid.

EDIT: just been browsing on the Reuben forums, a voice of authority seems to think this may be limited to 1000 but isn't sure. So there's a ballpark figure for you.

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