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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sky Larkin - Molten/Keepsakes


Since my last post about Sky Larkin, I've pretty much fallen in love with them. I listened to Kaleide an awful lot for a few weeks, and managed to find their first album The Golden Spike on CD for £3 and subsequently listened to that loads too. They're great, really. While noseying through the reduced price vinyl in a local record shop, I spied this single from that first album for £1. It's nice when things work out.

This is its cover. It's absolutely lovely. Colourful, well laid-out, just plain nice.

And here's the (black) vinyl and back cover. It's nice to note that the vinyl came with a dust sleeve, something I haven't seen all that often with 7" singles. Excellent. I suppose it's about time I spoke about the music as well. Okay. It's a double-A side, so let's just begin with Molten as it's listed first. It's not my favourite song on the album, but it's still great. A fast-paced pop song with heavy guitars, and an instrumental middle section. The other song on this vinyl is Keepsakes, probably my second favourite song on the album (after the incredible Matador). It's a slightly slower song, with the delightful key lyric of "gonna cut you into pea-sized keepsakes/gonna do it as long as it takes/gonna put you in boxes and jars/and keep the bigger bits in the boot of the car". Magic. Two great songs, good artwork, and it was cheap. I'm a happy customer.

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