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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP

As of Friday, my second term of university is over. There's a lot of work to be done over Easter, but the prospect of a break is awesome. I plan on updating this blog with a few pieces of vinyl I've bought recently, including several posts tonight (a first!), and there's a chance we might have a few guest posts in the coming weeks which should be pretty interesting. Watch this space

The first item for tonight is Bon Iver's Blood Bank EP. Bon Iver (pronounced like the French for happy winter - "bon hiver") is primarily a vehicle for the work of the multi-talented Justin Vernon, with the help of a select few others. This EP is his second release, after the amazing debut For Emma, Forever Ago. The music itself is acoustic, drifting behind Justin's beautifully haunting voice. This is the soundtrack to winter blues, and I love it. I picked this piece of vinyl up on the same trip that got me the Thom Yorke remixes, and it cost a measly £4. Let's look at it.

Oh. Well there's some winter, right there. It's a lovely cover, fairly low-key like the music. I really like the use of the thick white border as well, it frames the image really nicely. Not a lot more to say here.

Ah. Now here's the thing. There's no vinyl here. And there's a reason for that. You might also have noticed these pictures are a bit shiny. That's because it's still sealed, and I've decided to leave it as such. Why? Well, I already own this EP on CD, so I have the music from it. The vinyl itself is plain black, so it's not going to add an awful lot to the picture. And after a bit of research it seems the only extras in here are a lyrics sheet and a download card, neither of which are ground-shakingly awesome enough for me to be that bothered by. So I'm leaving this pristine until either I get a turntable that doesn't utterly suck, Justin Vernon dies or he ceases to make music as Bon Iver. There you have it. Some pointless nerdery. Enjoy.

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