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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Radiohead - Nude

So, it's vinyl time again! I've been really, really busy of later with uni work and keeping up another blog (which I started for World Book Night, it's here if you don't know) and so this has been put on the back-burner. Apologies. It's almost Easter now though, and I'm considering starting the sizeable pile of Biffy vinyl during the time off. Watch this space.

For tonight though, it's Radiohead. I've done a couple of posts about Thom Yorke before, but never one about Radiohead. I'm going to assume you know what they sound like because if you don't, I don't understand your life. I really, really like Radiohead. They manage to be utterly massive and yet absolutely refuse to back down on what they want to do. If Biffy can at some point go this way, everything will get better in life. This single is Nude, a track from the (at the time) ground-breaking "pay as much as you want" In Rainbows album. I honestly cannot remember where I got this from. It may have been in some kind of online order with a few others but I can't out and out pinpoint where it was from. Ah well. It's still a really good song, although I have a pretty big issue with this vinyl.

But let's start with the cover. It's ace. A continuation of the typography from the In Rainbows album cover, but with what looks like the roots of a tree in the background. The coloured font on the grey image looks really good, and I like this a lot.

More plain black vinyl. In an ideal world this would have been grey to match the artwork, but then again in an ideal world very few pieces of vinyl would be black. It's alright though, and the labels are pretty cool. The A-side, as previously mentioned, is the lovely Nude. A particularly melancholy track, even for Radiohead, it's peaceful and nice and yeah, all-round great. The B-side is called 4 Minute Warning, but I haven't managed to listen to it. For once, this is not for want of trying. The problem, and the reason why this thing will frustrate me eternally, is that there is a small scratch on the B-side. When trying to play it, the track skips and loops after a couple of minutes. This is possibly the most annoying thing in the world. Not cool.

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