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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Maxïmo Park - I Want You To Stay

After the dizzying heights of NEW VINYL for Christmas, we're back to old vinyl for now. I'm also back in my university house now and thus have no vinyl readily available, but I took pictures of most of my vinyl before coming back so I'd have some things to update this with. God bless foresight.

I was going to try and work in some kind of alphabetical order, but I had a request from the lovely Tom to do some more coloured vinyl, because it makes for way better pictures. So I skipped about half of the alphabet and landed on Maxïmo Park. Maxïmo are a Geordie indie band who make very catchy music. I haven't really kept up with their releases, but their first album was one I really enjoyed. An odd mix between songs that were just okay and songs that were utterly brilliant. I spotted this vinyl, the first in a two-part release of one of the best songs on the album, on the same shopping jaunt that brought Marmaduke Duke vinyl into my life. It was reduced to £2. It is insanely pretty. I couldn't say no. 

This is the cover. It's a lot like the artwork for the album it comes off (A Certain Trigger) and, as I have mentioned before, this kind of continuity is something I really like. The turquoise colour also looks amazing, and that carries through...

...into the vinyl! It's a lovely colour for vinyl, let down only slightly by the tracks on it. The A-side is a demo version of the song, which is kind of interesting but inferior to the recorded version, and the B-side is a remix. I've expressed my thoughts on remixes before, and this one again didn't change them. Added nothing to the original song and wasn't particularly memorable. Bit of a shame really, but ah well.

As I mentioned earlier, this is one of a two-part set. The second vinyl is white and has the same artwork but with the turquoise and white sections reversed, which is pretty cool. I don't think I'm particularly bothered about getting it, but if I find it cheap I'd like to have the pair for completeness' sake. Oh dear.

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