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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Nai Harvest - Whatever

The Adam emo revival continues. This one isn't entirely of my doing, though. I was preparing to buy this when my pal Laura told me she had a spare, of the first pressing no less, and insisted I took it. She is both good and lovely, consider this post a dedication to a good human.

There's a lot going on here, isn't there? I quite enjoy the cat logo - at least I assume it's a cat. Cats are the best. Not massively keen on the whole tie dye-y feel of it though.

Insert, yeah! This side is pretty plain but you know I always love anything with lyrics on it - and the handwriting on this is pretty nice. Yas.

More fancy colours on the back of the sleeve, and a very fancily-coloured record. I am a fan of a nice splatter, and a splatter on clear just makes it extra-nice. This, pressing info fans, was limited to 350 (with the other variant of the first pressing being a tasty pink and yellow swirl). The other side of the insert makes it pretty obvious that there are but two members of this band, following in the footsteps of Algiers and... I dunno, now I've thought of Algiers I can't think of any other bands with only two members. Maybe it's a Sheffield thing.

For just two chaps, Nai Harvest make a glorious racket. I didn't even realise there weren't more of them before I got this, which is pretty impressive. There are RIFFS galore and some pleasantly raspy vocals, which are always a plus. On the whole, the album stays on the less whiny side of emo and at times even feels almost joyful. In short, it's really good. My personal favourite track is probably the first (and title-) track Whatever, though Sitcom Fade-In  gives it a run for its money (the math-rock widdliness of the last minute in particular). More, please.

p.s. shout-out to my buddy Conor, who runs one of the labels that co-released this. Good work, Conor.

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