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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Million Dead - I Am The Party

Oh wow. When I started this blog way back in December 2010 (it's been a little while, hasn't it?) I decided to name it using a mangled version of the first Million Dead album's title, largely because I thought it sounded good (I still think it does) and it's one of two brilliant albums the band made in their too-short existence. You may have noticed, however, that I've never posted about them before. That's because I never owned any Million Dead vinyl until now. My good friend, tall man and general hardcore enthusiast Gibson decided to get me one of their singles as a belated housewarming gift/premature birthday present/general nice gesture. What a guy. Maybe one day he'll finally do the guest post for this blog he's been promising for about 2 years now. Maybe. (just to note, I should probably point out that Million Dead was the band Frank Turner was in before he went acoustic. You should already know this)

So, as we can see, he chose I Am The Party. Pretty sure this man on the cover is drinking some kind of can, and there appears to be someone taking a photo of him with a camera complete with massive lens. He is the party, indeed. Also, I love the Million Dead font. It's really distinctive and pleases me.

That back cover looks so brilliantly "hardcore vinyl release" that I can't quite get over it. So very plain-looking. It's got all the lyrics to I Am The Party on it, which I think stand as a fairly strong argument against the whole "we aren't a political band" line Frank was peddling at the time. You also (especially if you click through to the larger version of the image) may spot that the label says "LIMITED WRONG FUCKING BSIDE EDITION", and will probably then also realise that the record doesn't have a session version of It's A Shit Business on it (and also that I have number 35 of 750). A quick browse of the excellent milliondead.org revealed to me that there was a mistake at the pressing plant, and as such every copy actually has the CD B-side Mute Group on it. Good to see they had at least a bit of a sense of humour about the error.

Look right, Million Dead were great. Frank's solo stuff is good and all but Million Dead were special. I Am The Party is the epitome of that, and we'll overlook Mute Group being a bit weird for that reason. I Am The Party is loud and insistent and furious, and I love it. The opening riff alone makes me want to flail wildly, so consider that a warning if you're ever in my presence when it's on. Unfortunately, MD are unlikely to ever get back together. Boo-urns. Someone form a cover band with me, it'd be dreadful and magnificent.

So, to conclude: thanks Gibson, miss you Million Dead.

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