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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Frightened Rabbit - Pedestrian Verse

...whoopsy. That week stretched to over a month and now this post is way overdue. My bad. To make up for it, there's a lot of pictures here (and quite a few words too). This is another purchase from Avalanche, which meant I walked over and picked it up on the day of release. The snow that accompanied my walk home was pretty appropriate.

Another great cover. The triple-barred cross appears again and a slightly different worn label with the band's name on it. Consistency, nice placement etc etc. All the things I've come to expect from a Frabbit cover.

It's a gatefold LP again, opening it and looking at it sideways we get this lovely scene. Pretty sure those are the same metronomes from the cover of The Woodpile (which is rad), and I love those pennants. Can someone more artsy than me make one for my wall? Thanks in advance.

I feel like I'm just going to end up repeating myself all over again if I start talking about the back cover. It's nice, that is about all I need to say. What I like a lot, that was slightly less expected, is the dust sleeve having the lyrics to the whole album printed on it. Excellent.

Another black record (one day they'll do a colour pressing and I will buy every single copy), more lovely labels. There was also a download code that came with it, which is ace but for once I didn't actually need it (since I bought the album on CD as well).

Album chat time now. Is it really necessary for me to tell you how much I love it? Yes? Well then. Of course I love it. It is, after all, a Frabbit album. There's everything I love about the band in this album, and yet it feels distinct from each of the three that preceded it. Musically it is most similar to The Winter Of Mixed Drinks, but in parts it definitely feels... louder. Perhaps this is an active reaction to the (incredibly lazy) Mumford & Sons comparisons that seem to follow the band around, I can't be sure. Holy, for example, rockets by at the kind of pace you wouldn't expect of Frabbit. Dead Now has something vaguely resembling a guitar solo in the middle of it. There are lots of little unexpected moments in the album that make it an absolute treat to listen to, and I'm sure there are more things that I'll discover in it the more I listen. At present I'd say my favourite tracks are probably the previously mentioned Holy, State Hospital and The Woodpile plus Oil Slick, the delightful closer to the LP (and standard CD) version of the album. It comes across to me as a song about Scott's inability to write pleasant songs, which is an absolutely glorious reason to write a song. Note I said the closer to the LP, the deluxe version of the CD has three bonus tracks that are absolutely brilliant and it's a real shame they aren't on the LP. Ah well.

Now, here is where the post would usually end but today we have EXTRA THINGS. Pre-ordering the album meant I got a few extra goodies, which was lovely. Here we have a mini-print of the album cover, a little badge of the cover and a bonus 7". Get in. Yet more lovely themed artwork. I really do love this band.

Yep, so the 7" features Dead Now from the album. A really enjoyable track, and I'm never going to say no to a bonus 7". Notice it's only one-sided though. What's on the B-side then?

....yes. Oh yes. More singles with etched B-sides, please (even if they're almost impossible to photograph). Love you always, Frabbit.

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