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Thursday, 23 August 2012

50 not out

I was going to put up a new post today, but as I went to do so I realised I'd made 49 posts in the history of this blog, and so whatever came up next would be the 50th since its beginnings way back in December 09. I think that's pretty good for something I decided to do basically for my own amusement, so forgive me while I reflect a little.

Sometimes I wonder why I do this blog. I mean, from time to time I find it pretty hard to write and I go through long periods of inactivity. But then again, it's something I enjoy doing. Generally speaking, I buy records by bands that I already know and love and so this gives me an excuse to enthuse wildly about them. There's a chance someone has listened to and enjoyed a band because of reading about them here, and that is a really nice feeling to have. Moreover, two wonderful things have happened to me because of its existence. The first is that I met two people at a festival who I know through writing this, which is pretty cool when I think about it. One of them even said that this made them feel better about nerding out over their own record collection, which in my book is reason enough for it to exist. The second is that my Midnight Organ Fight post was retweeted by Frightened Rabbit themselves with a little note from Scott that implied he'd read the post, which is unbelievable. That they might be aware of just how much I appreciate their music is ace.

Look right, this is already overly long and unnecessary so let me just say this:

If you read this blog then, thank you so much for doing so. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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