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Monday, 23 July 2012

Tellison - Collarbone

Tellison are swiftly becoming one of my favourite bands. A couple of months back, Big Scary Monsters had a big sale and this was one of the items that was beautifully cheap. I couldn't resist, so I picked this up (alongside a couple of other singles I'll try and put up in the next few days) for only a couple of pounds.

I really like the cover. The combination of the almost digital-looking heart with the very organic butterfly makes for a nice contrast. Not a clue what it's about, mind.

Plain black vinyl, but I absolutely love the labels on it. Lovely font and colouring for the A and B sides. There are just two songs on the 7" itself, but there's also a download link for both of these songs alongside two remixes. Unfortunately, the link was no longer functional by the time I bought the single. No biggie, I don't really care for remixes. Having found Mountain Mode to listen to, it's not a bad song at all. This release, however, is all about the A-side. Collarbone is just a tremendous song. It's summery and euphoric and, frankly, should've been huge. Pity for them, but still plenty enjoyable for me.

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