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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Dananananaykroyd - Black Wax

It's now the summer, and there's almost no band better for the summertime than Dananananaykroyd. The band are apparently named after a combination of Dan Aykroyd's name and the old Batman theme tune, and describe themselves as "fight pop". That should be enough to get a smile on your face already. The band's music is a mixture of aggressive guitars, yelping and pop hooks. Their debut album, Hey Everyone, is absolutely rammed full of brilliant songs and the A-side to this single is one of them. I bought this a good few years ago, back when I first started collecting vinyl. I think it was from recordstore.co.uk and I think it cost about £3.

It also came signed! Rad. This was also from before Laura (bassist) left the band, which is kinda cool. I really like the artwork. It makes absolutely zero sense but the colours are nice.

For once, black vinyl that I don't object to (it is called Black Wax after all)! Black Wax itself is a great song, with one of the catchiest choruses on the entire album (which is saying something). The video for the song is a bit odd. It's a performance video, but with.. extras. I don't properly understand it, but listen to the song anyway. The B-side is a song called No Wage, which I still haven't listened to. Maybe I will tonight. Maybe.

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